Patron Mutlu Son Istiyor Full Izle Tek Parça

“Patron Mutlu Son İstiyor” filmini tek parça olarak full izlemek için tıklayın! İş hayatının zorluğunu anlatan komik ve romantik bir film. Türk sinemasının sevilen oyuncuları Cem Yılmaz ve Ezgi Mola’nın başrollerinde olduğu bu filmi kaçırmayın. Hemen tıklayın ve keyifle izleyin!

Patron Mutlu Son Istiyor Full Izle Tek Parça


Patron Mutlu Son Istiyor is a popular Turkish movie that was released in 2014. The movie became an instant hit and has been widely watched by people of all ages. In this article, we will discuss the storyline of the movie, its cast, and where you can watch the full movie online.


The movie revolves around the life of a businessman named İbrahim who is unhappy with his life. He has everything that money can buy but is unhappy because of his monotonous life. He meets a girl named Ayla, who is different from the usual women he has met. They fall in love, and Ayla changes İbrahim’s life with her positivity and carefree nature. However, their happiness doesn’t last long because Ayla is diagnosed with cancer.

The movie takes a further turn when İbrahim realizes that the only thing that can save Ayla’s life is a heart transplant. He goes through great lengths to find a heart donor for Ayla and finally succeeds in getting one. The movie’s climax is the heart transplant surgery, and the story ends with a happy ending, with both Ayla and İbrahim leading a happy and fulfilling life.


The movie was directed by Kıvanç Baruönü, and the lead roles were played by Ali İl and Ezgi Mola. Other cast members include Sinem Kobal, Güneş Emir, and Onur Buldu. The movie’s music was composed by Demet. Evgar, and the screenplay was written by Murat Kepez.

Where to Watch

If you’re interested in watching the full movie, you can find it online. There are various websites available that allow you to watch the movie online for free. However, we advise you to use legal and authorized websites to avoid any legal trouble.


Patron Mutlu Son Istiyor is a heartwarming story that touches the soul. The movie’s theme is based on the concept of ‘money can’t buy happiness,’ and it has been executed beautifully. The movie’s storyline, acting, and music are all praiseworthy, making it a must-watch for everyone.


1. Is Patron Mutlu Son Istiyor based on a true story?

No, the movie is a work of fiction.

2. Is the movie available with English subtitles?

Yes, you can find the movie with English subtitles online.

3. Can I watch Patron Mutlu Son Istiyor on Netflix?

No, the movie is not currently available on Netflix.

4. How long is the movie?

The movie has a runtime of 1 hour and 45 minutes.

5. Is the movie suitable for children?

Yes, the movie is family-friendly and suitable for children above the age of 12.

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